Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Show and Inspire Post at Marty's

Hello everyone...Ceekay from Thinkin' of Home here.  I am so excited to guest post at Marty's fabulous blog.

Last year I was faced with one of the biggest decorating challenges of my life.  My hubby and I downsized to a Doublewide Mobile Home.  After the panic subsided, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work making a home stuck in the 70's, our forever home.

We have replaced, painted, or updated everything except the tubs.  I hope you enjoy the tour.  Grandiose it isn't, but home and mortgage is!!

Welcome to Our Home

My style is what I call Old World with a lot of Grandma's Attic mixed in!

We have a great room effect with the Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room open to each other.

If you are ever in the Phoenix area, let me know.....Marty and I would love to do lunch with you....see, the table is all ready!

I really do love my black and cream kitchen.  

My favorite touch is my shelves of vintage kitchen ware...

and my rolling pins....

Doing the Laundry is close....but filled with olden goodies...makes it bearable!

 I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Please visit sometime at Thinkin' of Home.  I would love the company!


  1. Ceekay you have a beautiful home and I love how you have it filled with all the things you love!! That's what makes a house a least in my book:)

  2. Cee Kay,
    I love your home and the colors that you have chosen!! I am a lover of deep rich color and your home is loaded with it!! So many collections of lovely things!!
    You truly have turned this house into a lovely home!!


  3. You have done SUCH a phenomenal job on your place, Ceekay. If you didn't tell anyone no one would believe it was a double wide. Your pride in it shows through in every room! xo Diana

  4. Your home truly does look like HOME ! Your double-wide décor is worthy of any magazine spread and even better, you're mortgage free. I love your blog.

  5. I loved watching your 'new' home come together and I loved taking the tour with you today! You've done an incredible job with your home and I love the fact that it reflect you - and is mortgage free. Yes, if I ever get to head to Phoenix to see my dear aunt and cousin you will be on my list of the first to know! I would LOVE to have lunch with you and Marty - or do something else really fun together. Wouldn't we have fun?

  6. Ceekay, you have done such a beautiful job with your home. I think it is beautiful and so comfortable.

    I was just over at Rhoda's blog, and she is featuring another blogger who has also has a beautifully decorated movile home. Here's the link if you want to see it. I was saving it for a couple of the projects she did:

    She put in some cool wood floors that I want to investigate for a project I hope to do. And seeing all the cute things you've done, I just thought you would enjoy seeing what she did, too. She has a little girl and has a cute girly room done for her.

    Love you,


  7. Wow, I love what you have done Ceekay, your home looks so lovely and comfortable, love it! Seems you and I have a thing for rolling pins too, I've been looking and looking for one of those holders, where did you find yours?

  8. Oh Ceekay, Your home is lovely! You've done a terrific job in making your new place so inviting, welcoming, and down right beautiful!!
    Mary Alice

  9. Hi CeeKay, I am just a passerby with no blog but I wanted to say how much Ilove your home.... All pulled together with beautiful colors....relaxing atmosphere...and of course, this girl loves your old timey pieces!

    Thanks for letting me peek! Beautiful home. You have been having fun.


  10. Oh CeeKay this is so wonderful! I love your curio and the rolling pins! Oh MY Goodness! I have the same Easter egg wreath you have sitting on your buffet. I am trying to cover a lot of ground tonight and getting ready to have some Sweet Dreams! I have so enjoyed this tour and you are an amazing decorator. Your home looks so comfortable and welcoming. Thank you!

  11. So cute and cozy with lots of fun things to see. I just love the laundry room!!

  12. Hi darling, thanks so much for the visit, hope this finds you doing ok. I would love for the blooms to last a whole lot longer than they do...fondly ~lynne~

  13. What a beautiful home you have. You have done a fantastic job of decorating the whole thing. Really enjoyed the tour.


  14. Love your home! Everything is so beautiful. I especially Love
    Ove the laundry room!

  15. Hi, Ceekay
    I really enjoyed your home tour maily because i live in a single wide mobile home with an add-on addition and Im really searching for ways to make it have less of a mobile home look. Your home is beautiful and i love the way you have it decorated.

  16. I think it's beautiful, I can't tell that it's a double wide! We just bought a manufactured home SE of Tucson, it needs a little elbow grease but seeing how beautiful your home is gives me lots of inspiration! I'm not sure what the difference is in a manufactured and a double wide, I'm thinking they are the same. LOVE your laundry room!

  17. You have a beautiful home. I love the baby clothing in your laundry room. Congrats on being mortgage free!!

  18. I love your style Cee-kay. You have a gorgeous home!! I love the color of your sofas and all your wonderful old world stuff.