Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Countertops!

The one thing I am going to miss from our current home to the new one are my full granite counters and back splash.
My hubs brought home samples of Formic* but I just kept looking at my granite.
He said "if we can find a granite within "this" budget, we will get it.  But don't count on it.

Uh, Lord, yep, It is me again...could you find me some cheap inexpensive granite please?
So my hubby started looking on CL.  Found one that said he had 4 slabs to pick from.  We went and told him what we were doing...ok, he said,so what do you really want.  I told him.  He said, ok, I will do that.....yea, we can do it in your budget.  (Well, the sink added a bit, but I begged for an undermount.)

Isn't it pretty?????

Still looking for a backsplash.... (oh isn't the floor a beauty???  we will get there!)

Me:  Hello's Ceekay again!


  1. It really is looking great CK. I can't wait to see it. Hugs, Marty

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful, CeeKay! I hope your move will bring you peace, joy, and loads of new friends!
    blessings, Beth

  3. Hi Ceekay, Well I am all caught up with your new blog and so excited for you and your adventure. LOVE the black cabinets and you know that's what I would do. In fact I painted all the cabinets in our masterbath black and still love them greatly. Your kitchen is turning out great. What a wonderful find you got and in a great community too. I know it's lots of work, but it will be so worth it. So looking forward to your progress. Enjoy every minute of it!
    Have a nice weekend. I will think of you as we paint the living room. I have been working on a redo too. It's really warming up and we turned on the AC today. I guess it's official summer now almost!!
    XO Celestina Marie

  4. Boy, I am faaaaaaaar behind, Ceekay! What a wonderful praise report on your new kitchen counters! That's great. Now, send that guy over here to St. Augustine, okay???

    I'm on Mr. Magpie's computer and am out racing around to visit everyone who came by. I've missed you, Ceekay, and I hope things are well in your world. This is awful not having my own computer, but hopefully that will change in the not too distant future.

    Love you...



  5. P.S. I joined this site, but my picture is not on the sidebar for some reason. I clicked on the follow gizmo on the top like I always do, but I'm not showing up. So you have a phantom follower in me. LOL!

  6. Just found your blog(s) and I am so glad I did. I bought a very old (1976 I believe) double wide mobile home two years ago. It was not a move I wanted to make, but it had to be done. Everything is very old here and unfortunately the previous owners were not clean :( I'm sure I'll enjoy seeing what you do with your place, I love the black cabinets!

  7. Oh Ceekay... you're doing a wonderful job... and after's all about being HOME, right? :-) Years ago I saw a re-done mobile home in a magazine and I was smitten. I couldn't believe all of the wonderful things they'd done..... and it looked NOTHING like a mobile home. It's good for your health to have less stress and working sure would add to that nasty stress level... no good. I'm banking on you just loving it all when you've added "your touch"... Can't wait to see the progress.

    Happy Easter Huggies and Lovies...


  8. i'm catching up on your reno, and its all looking beautiful! love the granite in the kitchen, esp!