Sunday, April 29, 2012

Updated MaIn Bath

When we purchased the MH, we knew we needed to update the bathrooms.  The walls were off white...the sink and toilet were old and the decor was dingy.  I know I showed you the sconces...but the bathroom is finally done, except for molding, which will be done gradually throughout the home.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the whole thing.

 I am crazy over how this bathroom turned out....the sink, toilet, mirror, sconces, and faucet are all new.

I had these bathroom jars and out they came!

Anyone remember the polio sugar cubes??

 An old razor and medicine.

 Hanging from one of the pegs is my Grandpa's shaving cup and brush....

 This old style mirror was from Ikea...

These were from my old home...I love these prints from Ross years ago.

 Story time!  I needed a narrow shelf for the bathroom, but we are out of money!  One of our neighbors is cleaning out one of the other MH, and she invited me to see if I could use anything.  There was this old, I think, VCR shelf.  I knew it would work....then I saw the TP stand with the chrome and porcelin.  I just about knocked her over.....can I have this please????  It is PERFECT in there!

 This is the shelf.  I put the guest towels on the bottom...a little hard to see but the jar has soaps in it.
The basket has magazines.  The top shelf is washclothes, an antique vaporizer and TP.  The top has some bath salts, Q-tip jar and some more old bottles.  FREE!!

 I wanted to show you the hand towel holder with the chrome and porcelin.

 And my adorable faucet.

 I did change the knobs on this cabinet from the brushed nickel.  You can see the floor.  It is just stick on tiles, but it looks like slate.

These valances were from my old Family room.  I just added the black panel.  You can see that there is no trim in here yet.  Hopefully soon!

Hope you enjoyed the tour....

If you read my Thinkin' of Home blog, you know I am heading out of town for a bit.  Hubby is holding down the fort.  I won't be posting...but come back later and see my bedroom!!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Moving Day is Tomorrow!

Stopping in to say hi....moving day is officially tomorrow.  I am ready....All our things in one home....sounds so good!

I will be back near the end of the week!  Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ok, I am back!

I wanted to mention a few things about my previous post. 

The back splash is that wallpaper that looks like old tin ceilings.  The wall was very damaged and right now we don't have the finances to I came up with this.  My husband had his doubts, but I tell you, especially with the color I painted it, it looks like vintage tile.  In fact, 2 neighbors have already touched it to make sure!  We still need to do the finishing trim.

The sweet little butler guy was a gift from Marty....she knows how much I love black and white.......the Fiesta pitcher was the color I chose for the backsplash.

The Big K and the welcome are on right by the front door outside.  We need to paint the outside of the MH, but that will be later, like much later!!

Since I showed you the pictures of the patio, my husband took away all the scrap wood so I got to do a few more things.  I changed the little rack for an antique hutch...and I just temporarily fixed my Singer sewing base.  I eventually would like to make it a planter.

 The little chair was from my church when I was young....and that is an old house mailbox sitting on it.  I am crazy how this turned out.

 Now all this eventually will be different as we are going to screen in a portion of the patio.  I do NOT want to have to sweep it every week!!

This is at the very end.  I adore this "round thing" as we call it!  You will find me at least once every day taking a leg rest.... if you look past will see our back yard.  We have a 30 plus year old palm tree and an orange and grapefruit tree.  They all need trimming.  See the table sitting after the cement.  This was left at the MH.  It is the neatest outside moves up and it can be a coffee table, or bar table, or regular.  I kept that baby!  I would LOVE to get different color outside chairs to go around it....and again my husband says his favorite saying....later, MUCH LATER!

Thank you to all of you leaving husband wants to hear each and every one.  If you have any questions...please feel free to ask.

Oh, and I think I have a new title for another book of mine.

1001 ways to put 10,001 things in a small space! 

Tickets for moving day are going fast!!!  The neighbors can't wait to see the circus.  As long as the police are not called for any wifely violent behavior.....we should be good!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I have a real kitchen!

I will come back later and talk about all of this...but right now I am off to chemo....yes, I know there is no refrigerator...and the backsplash has to be trimmed out...and there is a shelf going over the stove...but me...we are getting there!

The other pics are just shots from the patio.  I haven't really fixed it up...but I swept it yesterday....

Talk to you later...bye!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Glimpse Inside My Dining Room

and the fun continues....

For months we have been updating this MH.  Finally, I am beginning to do what I like, the decorating.  Everytime we make a trek to the new place we look like the Beverly Hillbillies....taking what we can fit in our van.

In these pictures you can see our floor that is throughout except for baths and bedrooms.  I painted the same color as our current home.  Won't do to tell you the color because they had to color match it.

I am crazy for the floor.  It is from HD and was on clearance.  You know there is a story to tell!!

I didn't want that yellowy oak...but we found out real quick, the darker the color, the more expensive the laminate.  One day in a store I got so frustrated with my  cheap frugal husband that I walked out of the store.  No really, I did.  I said, "I am not buying that"...and walked out.  Well, I told asked begged God to please help us find a nicer flooring on sale.  One day my husband called me and said he found it.  I should tell you that he didn't want to pay more than 99 cents a square foot.  I figured this must be the floor and down it went.  88 cents a square foot, thank you God!!  and it is gorgeous!...well we think it is gorgeous!  Of course, my husband likes to tease me that the 33 cents a square foot stuff would have still covered the floor.

Oh bloggers....sometimes, I have my hands full with that guy!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I have a Kitchen Faucet!!

In our family there has been a constant in home renovation.  When we get ready to sell, we get a new kitchen faucet.  I told hubby...nope, breaking the rule.  I get a new one before we move in!!
And we looked!  After the shock subsided on cost, I Found it!  Oh, I heard the angels humming....a Black faucet to go on my beautiful SS undermount I know, to all of you fortunate missys out there, this is yesterday's news.  But for moi.....I am a happy girl!!

Isn't she a beauty????

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bath Sconces

Both bathrooms have light sconces on either side of the mirrors.  In case you have never looked at them, they must be quite difficult to make, since they tend to be VERY expensive for what you are getting.

We looked at every HomeDepot and Lowes anywhere around us.  But for the main bathroom, I wanted chrome.  I know, not exactly everyone's choice, but I found the precious faucet that was chrome with porcelin and the Hot and Cold on the handles.

We were getting desperate.  Finally I looked for JCP catalog...Do you know they don't have a big one anymore.  Well, online they had 2 sconces, white glass and chrome base for $12.00 each!!  I ordered them and they were perfect!

I am still debating on what to do for the shower curtain.  If it were just me, it would be burlap or something like it....but my husband...well, not so much!!

Overall, so far, this room is my favorite.  Of course, besides the kitchen, it is the most done!!

Thanks for coming on the adventure with me!!

I have been working on the Guest Bedroom and it is coming out just like I had will come soon!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Main Bathroom

This bathroom started off with built ins just like the kitchen...too big, too paneled..too greenish brown!

We took everything out but the tub...and painted.

We put in new toilet, sink, lights, faucet, flooring...IT LOOKS so nice now!

but I have to tell you the story of the mirror.

Months ago I found the sink that I reminded me of a farmhouse sink.  A week or so later we found a mirror that would match for $ according to Tim Gunn...Make  IT Work!

My husband decided to put the mirror up one afternoon...I said...please make sure it is centered between the light sconces.

He works, I hear measuring, drilling, mirror up...and my husband saying....well, let's just say he wasn't quoting Bible verses!  It was too much to the right...and then I said...and isn't it a little low?

A few minutes later...I hear measuring, drilling, mirror up....and my husband....oh Come on!!

I go in and the mirror is centered to the sconces, it is hung beautifully...but hmmm, there is a square hole on the bottom where the old medicine cabinet hung...well, no...that ain't right!

Hubby is frustrated...I think for a moment and said, Wait...hold on...and I run and got a shelf our son made in Woodworking in HS.  It is engraved with his name on the way was I ever getting rid of it...

I said, What about this?  

TA DA...the angels were singing!!  It looks like it was made for each other...I just love it!

I will tell you about the sconce lights another time!!