Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Glimpse Inside My Dining Room

and the fun continues....

For months we have been updating this MH.  Finally, I am beginning to do what I like, the decorating.  Everytime we make a trek to the new place we look like the Beverly Hillbillies....taking what we can fit in our van.

In these pictures you can see our floor that is throughout except for baths and bedrooms.  I painted the same color as our current home.  Won't do to tell you the color because they had to color match it.

I am crazy for the floor.  It is from HD and was on clearance.  You know there is a story to tell!!

I didn't want that yellowy oak...but we found out real quick, the darker the color, the more expensive the laminate.  One day in a store I got so frustrated with my  cheap frugal husband that I walked out of the store.  No really, I did.  I said, "I am not buying that"...and walked out.  Well, I told asked begged God to please help us find a nicer flooring on sale.  One day my husband called me and said he found it.  I should tell you that he didn't want to pay more than 99 cents a square foot.  I figured this must be the floor and down it went.  88 cents a square foot, thank you God!!  and it is gorgeous!...well we think it is gorgeous!  Of course, my husband likes to tease me that the 33 cents a square foot stuff would have still covered the floor.

Oh bloggers....sometimes, I have my hands full with that guy!!


  1. Oh CK, it is looking wonderful. I had to go back and read the last few posts. I have been so busy. Kent found a house and he is moving, so I have been over at his new place cleaning, lining shelves, getting the kitchen all set up and running around like mad. I think he will move next weekend, so still have a ton to do.

    Everything is looking fabulous at your new house. I love the floors and all of your new finishes and your counters/sink and faucet are wonderful. Looks awesome. I can't wait to see it in person. Hugs, Marty

  2. Love it and glad you did not settle on a color that you hate!

  3. I love you CeeKay, you're such a woman! I used to wonder about that submission issue, but then I figured out the more important part, that God gave me to Mr. Redo to be a "helpmeet" ... so now I "help" him to make the right decisions by pointing out the facts, which include does he want to live with an unhappy wifey?!?! Things are coming together at your new home, loving it! Hugs ~ Mary

  4. Ceekay, Your home is looking gorgeous! You and your hubby are really turning the DW into a beautiful living space! Men just don't get it sometimes, so it is up to us women and do the praying and God put the guys on the right track!!
    If he had insisted on a color you hated, you both would have been miserable. Because if you hated, he would have too, he was just thinking frugally. But in the long run, buying what you like is more cost effective.

  5. CeeKay- I LOVE your floor and what a bargain. MyHero is the same way about some things and it just drives me nuts!!! There are times I have felt like smothering him...well, not really...but at least putting a big piece of duct tape over his mouth to stop the NOs! You are doing a great job and guess what? You would NEVER know it was a double wide! I love that it is now becoming your home...and that you can start decorating it. xo Diana

  6. This was so fun..reading about your new *forever* home and how God is providing for you! And how you and your husband are working through it:)...
    THANKS for the input on my woodwork...we'll see what happens:)...
    Have a great weekend!

  7. It is coming along great! Love the granite, looks a lot like mine. Prayers for strength, this is a lot of stress!

  8. It is so pretty. God is good!

  9. Ceekay, it is looking great! The floor is so pretty, and I love your new kitchen faucet and that granite! The black vanity, mirror, and your son's great shelf are perfect in the bathroom. What a transformation you are accomplishing! Can't wait to see more. laurie

  10. Love the way your new home is coming together! Can't wait to see more. What a nice 'treat' to find your beautiful floor at a bargain!

  11. Your new home is coming together SO beautifully, Ceekay! It will definitely be House Beautiful Worthy when you move in! The floor is gorgeous and so is the black faucet...thanks for keeping us updated on your progress!

  12. OOO, is wonderful. I just read all your posts on the home and it is all looking GREAT. You, my dear, are a lucky woman to get all that new stuff. Your house is going to be so easy to keep and no room for all the junke we women love and then try to find a place for it. You are going to LOVE it all.

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