Sunday, April 29, 2012

Updated MaIn Bath

When we purchased the MH, we knew we needed to update the bathrooms.  The walls were off white...the sink and toilet were old and the decor was dingy.  I know I showed you the sconces...but the bathroom is finally done, except for molding, which will be done gradually throughout the home.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the whole thing.

 I am crazy over how this bathroom turned out....the sink, toilet, mirror, sconces, and faucet are all new.

I had these bathroom jars and out they came!

Anyone remember the polio sugar cubes??

 An old razor and medicine.

 Hanging from one of the pegs is my Grandpa's shaving cup and brush....

 This old style mirror was from Ikea...

These were from my old home...I love these prints from Ross years ago.

 Story time!  I needed a narrow shelf for the bathroom, but we are out of money!  One of our neighbors is cleaning out one of the other MH, and she invited me to see if I could use anything.  There was this old, I think, VCR shelf.  I knew it would work....then I saw the TP stand with the chrome and porcelin.  I just about knocked her over.....can I have this please????  It is PERFECT in there!

 This is the shelf.  I put the guest towels on the bottom...a little hard to see but the jar has soaps in it.
The basket has magazines.  The top shelf is washclothes, an antique vaporizer and TP.  The top has some bath salts, Q-tip jar and some more old bottles.  FREE!!

 I wanted to show you the hand towel holder with the chrome and porcelin.

 And my adorable faucet.

 I did change the knobs on this cabinet from the brushed nickel.  You can see the floor.  It is just stick on tiles, but it looks like slate.

These valances were from my old Family room.  I just added the black panel.  You can see that there is no trim in here yet.  Hopefully soon!

Hope you enjoyed the tour....

If you read my Thinkin' of Home blog, you know I am heading out of town for a bit.  Hubby is holding down the fort.  I won't be posting...but come back later and see my bedroom!!



  1. Love all your sweet vintage things in the bathroom Ceekay! Have a great time while you are out of town!

  2. Hi Ceekay,
    It's adorable and turned out wonderfully!
    It's amazing what a little creativity and hard work can do!
    Lovin that sink and knobs!
    Have fun, come visit me sometime too!

  3. Ceekay, you have an eye for decorating. Your bathroom is so pretty!

  4. Love, love, love your bathroom! The colors are so warm and how sweet to have your grandpa's shaving mug/brush.

  5. Love your bathroom Ceekay, have fun in Florida!

  6. CK, it looks amazing. I think you have done such a fabulous job. The molding will finish everything off and make it totally look finished. Great bathroom. Love all your fixtures and decor. Hugs, Marty

  7. Love what you've done with the bathroom - great free finds, too! The silver and porcelain are beautiful, and my fave is the faucets!!! Good job, now have fun on your trip. Hugs ~ Mary

  8. girlfriend, I knew you could make a doublewide into a beautiful home. You have a talent for decorating. It is gorgeous! I love it!! Can't wait to see it.

  9. Your bath is just PERFECT...sooo pretty. I just pinned that first photo.
    You are really doing a good job on everything.
    I know it is wearing you out...sounding like your mama here but be sure to rest often, dear one.

    We are thinking about selling our house and downsizing to a mobile home, too. Well, at least we are going to look at one today sitting on 3/4 acre. It is quite a bit smaller than this house which means cheaper am sooo excited to go look at this place. We are both has a large shop which Mr. Sweet would LOVE.
    I will take pictures and show you....if I like the place, that is. :)

  10. Your bath looks great and so stylish! I'm so excited for you!!!

  11. Hi Ceekay, I found your blog through a mutual follower. I love what you are doing with your new home. We did the same thing about 10 years ago with an old 100 year old home we bought. The decor was stuck in the 70's, the ceilings had been lowered and everyone thought we had gone loco buying this old home. We bought it to Flip on a shoestring budget, but after restoring it, we fell in love with it and sold our other home. I'll be following your progress. Good luck!

  12. I love the bathroom too, everything looks great, love the vintage things! Wonderful that you found those new freebies! The Lord provides!!!

    So fun to see how you are adding your magic to your new home!!


  13. Oh, it's just YOU! I love the white porcelain stuff too. What great freebies too! Love it all...Kathy

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