Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ok, I am back!

I wanted to mention a few things about my previous post. 

The back splash is that wallpaper that looks like old tin ceilings.  The wall was very damaged and right now we don't have the finances to I came up with this.  My husband had his doubts, but I tell you, especially with the color I painted it, it looks like vintage tile.  In fact, 2 neighbors have already touched it to make sure!  We still need to do the finishing trim.

The sweet little butler guy was a gift from Marty....she knows how much I love black and white.......the Fiesta pitcher was the color I chose for the backsplash.

The Big K and the welcome are on right by the front door outside.  We need to paint the outside of the MH, but that will be later, like much later!!

Since I showed you the pictures of the patio, my husband took away all the scrap wood so I got to do a few more things.  I changed the little rack for an antique hutch...and I just temporarily fixed my Singer sewing base.  I eventually would like to make it a planter.

 The little chair was from my church when I was young....and that is an old house mailbox sitting on it.  I am crazy how this turned out.

 Now all this eventually will be different as we are going to screen in a portion of the patio.  I do NOT want to have to sweep it every week!!

This is at the very end.  I adore this "round thing" as we call it!  You will find me at least once every day taking a leg rest.... if you look past will see our back yard.  We have a 30 plus year old palm tree and an orange and grapefruit tree.  They all need trimming.  See the table sitting after the cement.  This was left at the MH.  It is the neatest outside moves up and it can be a coffee table, or bar table, or regular.  I kept that baby!  I would LOVE to get different color outside chairs to go around it....and again my husband says his favorite saying....later, MUCH LATER!

Thank you to all of you leaving husband wants to hear each and every one.  If you have any questions...please feel free to ask.

Oh, and I think I have a new title for another book of mine.

1001 ways to put 10,001 things in a small space! 

Tickets for moving day are going fast!!!  The neighbors can't wait to see the circus.  As long as the police are not called for any wifely violent behavior.....we should be good!!


  1. I just scrolled back to your last post and I love the "backsplash." Did not notice the detail yesterday.
    Everything looks very inviting and the "round thing" is a great idea! The little table left behind is a brilliant idea being adjustable.
    Hope you have a good day!

  2. I had missed that backsplash before. It looks great..and it does look like tile. You are doing a great job of downsizing, Ceekay. I know how hard that is.....but you can do this and you are doing a great job with it. LOVE you "round thing". I remember seeing one of these in Florida many years ago. A piece for two to share?

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana ps. Is it too late to get a ticket for "the show"?

  3. Sounds like you might need the police for traffic control! I'm with you girlfriend, that first vignette you pictures is Totally Awesome!!! So glad your paint job turned out extraordinary. I can't make it on moving day but plan to drop by one day afterward for a sip of sweet tea on the patio :) Hugs ~ Mary

  4. I'd like a ticket, too! I have a rooster like I'll need to find a crate! That looks great! Love the big round chaise, too! Room for two!

  5. Looking good! Your little set ups are so cute and you're going to screen in your porch? Oh, how wonderful. We'll have another Between Naps on the Porch! :) If I were close to you, I'd come help.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  6. So happy I found your blog. I just had to check it out after your comment about the insurance man on The Polka Dot Closet's blog!

  7. I missed the last post, oh your kitchen looks like a million bucks and that "Back splash" is genius!! I would love to use it on a cabinet redo, let us know where you purchased it!! Your outside is so inviting it looks like you have been there forever. It is great to hear about your neighbors, I think you are going to love living in this community! I am sooo happy for you!


  8. It's coming together, and I love it! Oh, that wallpaper!!! Looks great!
    We used that in our 100 year old rowhouse reno years ago... over plaster on lathe walls that did not get removed (new drywall).

  9. Ceekay the porch area looks like you have been there for years- so nice and cozy! I have never seen a round chaise like that~ so neat!!

    bee blessed

  10. That round thing looks so comfy, I want a grab a seat there right now.

  11. CeeKay... It is really looking great! It is going to be so comfy! :) I can't
    wait to come see you there. :)


  12. Hi Ceekay, You two sure have been busy. I love everything and all your special touches to your new home. The kitchen looks amazing and your patio and decor is so welcoming. Love the round thing. I would love to take a leg break there everyday. Can I come over?
    Love the backsplash wallpaper tiles. I am going to tell our son about this.

    Have a great weekend. XO Celestina Marie

  13. CK, it is all coming together to well. It looks amazing. I totally love it all. The patio is wonderful. When it is screened in you will totally live there. Hugs, Marty

  14. Looks like you are pulling it all together to make it yours...a comfy home! Don't work too hard!

  15. Im loving your new MB home..your doing a great job. I also went and visited your blog on your teal journey..but i'm going to post here. I think stable is great,,,ned seems to leave to much so stable to me sounds like way to be. that is my prayer also. I had scans on friday and find out on tuesday how i'm doing. I go every 9 weeks right now for scans. I really admire your energy on taking up a new home...and i love it. I cant seem to do much right now--im still adjusting i think to this new life. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that round comfy thing on your porch. what a great place to curl up and snooze.

  16. I found paint on chalk board paint at Home Depot or Lowe's, I'm not sure which. Michael's and Hobby Lobby both have the spray on kind, but I prefer the paint on. Also, you can make your own chalk board paint. Hope that helps.
    Rita at