Thursday, April 5, 2012

Main Bathroom

This bathroom started off with built ins just like the kitchen...too big, too paneled..too greenish brown!

We took everything out but the tub...and painted.

We put in new toilet, sink, lights, faucet, flooring...IT LOOKS so nice now!

but I have to tell you the story of the mirror.

Months ago I found the sink that I reminded me of a farmhouse sink.  A week or so later we found a mirror that would match for $ according to Tim Gunn...Make  IT Work!

My husband decided to put the mirror up one afternoon...I said...please make sure it is centered between the light sconces.

He works, I hear measuring, drilling, mirror up...and my husband saying....well, let's just say he wasn't quoting Bible verses!  It was too much to the right...and then I said...and isn't it a little low?

A few minutes later...I hear measuring, drilling, mirror up....and my husband....oh Come on!!

I go in and the mirror is centered to the sconces, it is hung beautifully...but hmmm, there is a square hole on the bottom where the old medicine cabinet hung...well, no...that ain't right!

Hubby is frustrated...I think for a moment and said, Wait...hold on...and I run and got a shelf our son made in Woodworking in HS.  It is engraved with his name on the way was I ever getting rid of it...

I said, What about this?  

TA DA...the angels were singing!!  It looks like it was made for each other...I just love it!

I will tell you about the sconce lights another time!!


  1. I LOVE that you are doing this blog, Ceekay. That shelf looks like it was MADE for that mirror. See, God knew what He was doing when your son created that piece. xo Diana

  2. Your kitchen and bath are looking great!!!!! You guys are going to have the nicest home when you're done. We still haven't tackled our counter tops yet, so I was so encouraged when I saw you used granite. I also love the story about your bathroom sink and mirror...great job!
    Have a Happy Easter!

  3. Hi Ceekay, I just love makeover stories that have happy endings like this. The shelf is perfect with the mirror and will be so much fun to decorate. And that your son made it makes it even more special. I love your new bath makeover. Beautiful. You had me laughing at your hubbies frustration. Been there done that too. LOL!!
    Wishing you a blessed Easter.
    Love from Texas, Celestina Marie

  4. Your bathroom makeover is fantastic Ceekay, I love to decorate as well. My home is so old and it's time for a bathroom makeover. Yikes!!!
    Wishing you a beautiful Easter,
    Hugs Rosemary...x

  5. well that is just plain amazing, love it when things work out like that. We are currently installing carpet in the shabby room, well ok, I am here on the computer and my husband is not saying bible verses while he is installing the carpet! ;)

  6. CK, I totally love it and the shelf is absolutely perfect. I don't think the mirror would be near as nice without the shelf. The vanity is so perfect too. Everything is looking so beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  7. Don't you just love the sink? I have one like it too in our main bathroom, the sink sold me as well:)
    Thanks for your comment on my open shelves, love the one you used under the mirror so precious to you!

  8. I am in love with your bathroom! Gorgeous sink/cabinet, and such a genius to come up with the bottom for the mirror! Great job! Hugs ~ Mary

  9. Oh Cheekay, it's all looking GREAT! I LOVE that sink.

  10. Love it. I just renovated my master bath and it is bringing me lots of joy.

  11. I grew up hearing my mother say 'Necessity is the mother of invention' - when she needed to 'fix' something. And she always did. Love the way your bathroom is coming together and I really loved hearing the story. Makes it even more special!

  12. What a brilliant fix and I bet that your hubby heard some angels singing. It pulled his bacon outta the fire right quick. In fact, you might never have thought of it if he hadn't made the little boo-boo in the first place so it was all meant to be. Fun story!